ROI: Powerfully Making the Case for Design in Healthcare


Return on Investment—ROI—can be one of the most important conversations for anyone making the case for innovation in healthcare. For both designers and healthcare natives, the ROI conversation often requires stepping outside of our comfort zones.

In this series, Prescribe Design takes on ROI and our intention is to create a shared language that clears the way for the most impactful design and innovation initiatives to be championed.

We celebrate how design-driven organizations across sectors have demonstrated that there is in fact a business case for design. Countless types of financial return can be attributed to good design, from demanding higher price points to benefiting from increased customer loyalty.

What makes healthcare unique is that ROI is not just financial. It’s about the quantifiable improvement of health and wellbeing: “Return on Impact”. This series expands our view of how ROI is defined.

Another critical aspect of ROI is measurement. To build momentum around design initiatives we must be intentional about planning for the measurement of impact from the outset, setting ourselves up for success by declaring realistic goals against status quo baselines.

With this initiative, we hope to create a culture around the measurement of ROI amongst the design community in healthcare.

Prescribe Design ROI Series:
Expanding the conversation around ROI of design in healthcare


Case Studies:
The Prescribe Design community has put together a series of case studies that give you a behind the scenes look into how some of healthcare’s most innovative organizations are measuring the impact of their design activities.



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