D-Patients: Patients Who Design

In this series we celebrate designers who have the first-hand experience of their own personal  healthcare concern. Like all patients, they face ongoing challenges in managing their health, managing their treatment, and managing their care. As designers, they have used their creativity, strengths, and innovation skills to create tools and interventions that fill the gaps in their ongoing care.

The medical community has established the concept of an e-patient, as someone who participates fully in his or her medical care— particularly through electronic means. This series introduces a new phenomenon of the d-patient, as someone who engages in their own medical care using their own creativity and maker skills.

These d-patients offer us a unique lens into the Prescribe Design mission of celebrating the role of design in healthcare. Through their extremely personal first-hand experiences and expertise they demonstrate real-world examples of how designers view the world of healthcare and real-world impacts of implementing their design solutions.

This series is inspired by (and led by) the work of Katie McCurdy.

Prescribe Design

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