Designers’ Eyes on Healthcare

No one healthcare journey is unique, but each one—as routine as it may be—is filled with a nuanced sensorial experience. A patient may be struck by the cool temperature of a stethoscope. A clinician may be attuned to the gait of an elderly patient as they walk through the door. A first responder may react to the crunch of shattered glass.

What does a designer see when she engages with healthcare?

Design research methodologies often have the designer scrupulously documenting activities, environments, interactions, objects and users. Designers consider the affordances in the physical environment that invite or discourage actions. Designers make note of workarounds that highlight breakdowns in process or communication. Designers are on the hunt for nuance and opportunity.

Each of us in the Prescribe Design community has a private catalog of the observed nuance in healthcare. Through this “Designers’ Eyes” initiative we collecting images that showcase the unique point of view designers have in the healthcare environment. The catalog will be available as a resource and images may be used with the permission of each photographer. Please join us.

How to participate?
Post a comment below with a link to your image.
Post to Twitter: Tag your image with #PrescribeDesign #DesignersEyes

We look forward to sharing how healthcare is seen through the eyes of design.

lennye copy
Photo credit: Lenny Naar
Context: UK hospital
How might we help patients feel comfortable and safe in every interaction?

Photo Credit: Kit Arafiles
Context: General Practitioner’s office
How might we improve the scheduling process for patients?

Photo credit: RJ Cheng
Context: Private hospital in Taiwan
How might we increase mobility of a nurse’s workstation?

Photo Criteria
1. The image must be your own
2. The image must not violate any privacy laws as they will be shown in public, i.e. they should not contain names of institutions or people without explicit consent

Please include a caption with the following:
Context: general location (140 characters)
Design observation/challenge, i.e., what is the “how might we…” question triggered? (140 characters)
Bonus points for larger file size–we will be posting many of these as part of the collection on Prescribe Design.

This Prescribe Design initiative is being led by RJ Cheng, Amy Hong and Miraj Chokshi

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