Prescribe Design: Boston

The Prescribe Design community is continuing to grow and has started a series of events in Cambridge Massachusetts. The first event, hosted by Catherine Winfield at Foundation Medicine, inspired the room and a lively discussion concluded the evening with a panel of designers and doctors. The Boston community was hungry for these important conversations– the registration reached maximum attendance in 24 hours and everyone who attended was anxious for more.

Aaron Sklar’s presentation served as a call to action for designers, urging them to push technology into the background, in order to focus on more user-centered experiences. Scott Mackie’s presentation went further into designing for health discussing the importance of empathy, simplicity and beauty as core principles. Dr. Gaurav Singal, Dr. Maulik Majumudar, Maura Cass and Jennifer Milne participated in a panel focused on the relationships between designers and doctors. They answered questions like “What is the role of design-thinking in medical practice?” and “How do you design for patients when physicians or insurance companies are your customer”.



If you’d like to be part of the Boston Prescribe Design community, please reach out to

Catherine Winfield is an architecturally trained strategist currently working at Foundation Medicine. Catherine brings passion to crafting meaningful experiences through services, digital products, and environments. Her expertise is in guiding teams through user-centric strategic design, to execution and launch.
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